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The two modes: Master Oscillator above and Trend Analyzer below
Oscillator has two modes: Master Oscillator and Trend Analyzer

Two modes sharing one common origin: the "MAC."

The MAC is an acronym for "Momentum Analytical Concordance."
It is a momentum value developed by SwingSwiss in 2018, which powers both Trend Analyzer and Master Oscillator.
The MAC is a measure of the magnitude of a security's recent movement as well as its volume flow to spot overbought and oversold zones, reversals, corrective pullbacks, and entry points.
The MAC can be displayed as an oscillator (a line) on a scale of -150 to 150 (in most cases.)
Traditionally, a MAC value of 80 or higher indicates an entry into the overbought zone. A reading of -80 or lower indicates an oversold entry condition, and a reading between -15 and +15 is dangerous.

The AMAC and the development of Master Oscillator.

The AMAC is an acronym for "Adjusted Momentum Analytical Concordance."
It is an aggregate of a few well-known technical indicators bundled with the MAC to produce a value way more sensitive to changes in price.
This value derived from the MAC is the basis for the Master Oscillator indicator.
While the Trend Analyzer has a more accurate but relatively slower analysis, the Master Oscillator can question itself quickly and at every candle, which makes it an ideal Companion for active trading.