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Create alerts

Alert is one of the essential features of the suite.
It allows you to monitor the market 24/7 without being in front of the screens.
TradingView alerts can be received on a server via web hook (to automate your trading, for example), as a notification via the mobile app, and via text message.

Click on the alert button at the top of your chart.

Choose the condition

A condition can be on the security you are trading or an indicator of the suite.

Choose the triggering condition

This is the exact condition that will validate an alert.
For an asset, this can be a price crossing, while for an indicator, it can be the plotting of a signal.
Asset triggering options
Indicator triggering options

Options, Expiration time and Alert actions

  • Only once -> if the condition is validated at any moment, an alert will trigger instantly and then deactivate itself
  • Once per bar -> if the condition is validated, an alert will instantly trigger but only once per candle
  • Once per candle close -> if the condition is validated at the candle close, an alert will trigger. It is the option we recommend for all our signals.
  • Once per minute -> if the condition is validated, an alert will trigger, but only if the last alert occurred more than a minute ago.