Performance, Cutting-edge technology, and ease of use. The only ©TradingView setup you will ever need, turning data into actions.

Did you know? SwingSwiss is run by an ex-Deutsche Bank trader! He took over the company in November 2022 and turned Companion into a compact high-quality setup for all markets!

Why choose Companion?

The use of trading indicators has been democratized. However, traders have made their work more difficult in the process due to the vast amount of data collected, which is often contradictory.

Companion aims to provide traders with the most significant data by removing the noise preventing many traders from progressing and turning profitable. Trading is, first and foremost, a personal commitment, but thanks to Companion, this effort has been dramatically simplified.

Whether the signals, oscillators, trend analysis, alerts, supports and resistances, order blocks, or simply a combination of the above, traders can model unique and personalized strategies that fit their needs.

SwingSwiss is a premium community of investors offering highly curated content and education with valuable crypto-investing insights. SwingSwiss also provides its premium private community with trading classes, in-person events worldwide, meetups, and merch. Join us to grow, network, and become better traders.

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